Fraudulent Business Transaction Puts Two in Jail

Fraudulent Business Transaction Puts Two in Jail

On Tuesday, December 27th at around 11 a.m., the Porterville PD was informed of a theft under false pretense that had occurred a few days before it was noticed at Barnes Welding Supply.

According to the report, the suspect entered the business and posed as an employee for a construction company. He fraudulently obtained a plasma cutter that was worth $1,750, and billed it to the unknown construction company.

The employees of Barnes Welding Supply suspected it was a scam due to similar transactions that the same suspect had made in other business locations.

After a follow-up with the other business location and the West Valley Construction Company, the employees were able to determine that the transactions were fraudulent.

The police began the investigation as soon as the transactions were reported. During the investigation, another suspicious transaction to purchase equipment and bill it to the West Valley Construction Company was enacted by the same suspect. Aware of the situation, deputies planned an arrest.

On the same day at 3:51 p.m., the suspect returned to the business to pick up the equipment he had requested.

The suspect was caught by deputies and they arrested him immediately.

He was identified as Troy Worthen, 36. Worthen also had a companion aiding him in the fraudulent transactions — identified as Tiffany Johnson — who was also arrested.

Both suspects were booked for grand theft and conspiracy.

All of the equipment has been located and will be returned to their respective companies.


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