The Ride Of Their Life: Motor Mania With 4-Year-Olds

The Ride Of Their Life: Motor Mania With 4-Year-Olds

Juan Monzon

Anaheim and Tustin are in the land of fantasy theme parks with wild rides inside steel gates. Two gang suspects delivered a real motor mania of twisted fenders and plowed police barricades on December 14.

On November 28th, Anaheim PD Gang Investigators suspected Juan Monzon (24) of Anaheim of beating an unidentified male over the head with a rifle, then firing several handgun rounds into a crowd of witnesses from the car of girlfriend Crystal Rincon (21) of Santa Ana.

Crystal Rincon

Crystal Rincon

No one was shot, and the unidentified assault victim fled.

Weeks later, APD Gang Detail and Crime Task Force investigators encountered Rincon transporting Monzon in Santa Ana. Her immediate getaway launched the chase.

Police vehicles and helicopters hovered during heavy traffic while Monzon took the wheel then sped northbound in southbound lanes of Red Hill Avenue. Tustin PD blocked the front while APD undercover covered the rear, but Monzon rammed through.

After colliding with a vehicle at an intersection, the getaway car rolled, landed on its wheels, then careened off with marked Tustin PD units in pursuit.

APD Sergeant Daron Wyatt said, “Monzon threw a loaded handgun from the vehicle. The gun was recovered. The pursuit terminated when Monzon turned down a dead-end street in Tustin… blocked-in by units, and rammed one marked Tustin Police unit before being completely blocked in and surrendering.”

Sgt. Wyatt added, “Two four-year-old girls in the back seats are believed to be children of a relative of Rincon. The (unidentified) children were not injured and were released to their mother.”

Wyatt announced, “The suspects were booked for attempted murder, assault with a firearm, child endangerment, felony evading, firearms charges, and gang enhancements. Statutory bail is $500,000. Based on the totality of the circumstances, Detectives will be requesting a bail enhancement. One Anaheim Police investigator suffered minor injuries as a result of his vehicle being rammed.”

Wyatt told CrimeVoice, “The officers involved from both the Anaheim and Tustin Police Departments demonstrated tremendous professionalism and restraint in taking these violent offenders into custody without the use of force.”

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