Gambler Attacked Coming Home, Suspects Arrested

Gambler Attacked Coming Home, Suspects Arrested

Barry Heisner

FREMONT – Two suspects have been jailed for the robbery and attempted murder of a 55-year-old woman, outside her front door, as she was returning home from a night out gambling at a casino.

Barry Heisner, 44, and his girlfriend Darlene Marquis, 45, both of Port Costa, were each booked at Santa Rita Jail, charged with attempted homicide and robbery. They were located driving Marquis’s car in Pittsburg and arrested by a Fremont Police Department SWAT team shortly before 11 p.m. on October 18.

Darlene Marquis

Darlene Marquis

Fremont police kept quiet about the arrests until October 27, while they were working with other agencies investigating similar crimes elsewhere.

The victim, who lives on the 40400 block of Citrus Drive, was approached by Marquis at her doorstep and then struck multiple times on the back of her head, possibly with a flashlight. Then Heisner allegedly stole her purse, containing cash, credit cards, and identification.

The victim’s husband heard his wife screaming and confronted the suspects, briefly chasing them, until they jumped into a parked car and sped away. The victim was treated for injuries at a hospital trauma center.

Fremont detectives said the getaway car matched the description of a vehicle that witnesses saw Heisner getting into at the casino. Police reviewed surveillance video and determined that Heisner had been stalking the victim inside the casino.

Detectives searched Marquis’s home in Port Costa, where the victim’s wallet, ID card, credit cards, and purse were found. A flashlight that police believe was used as a weapon to attack the victim was also recovered.

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