Dining Room Intruder Arrested for Burglary

Dining Room Intruder Arrested for Burglary

SAN RAFAEL — An unwelcome and unexpected visitor was arrested by the San Rafael Police Department, after a man called to report he’d discovered a woman was walking around inside his house shortly before sunrise.

Police received a call at approximately 5:35 a.m. on Sunday from a First Street resident, awakened by his persistently barking dog. He got of bed to investigate and saw an unfamiliar woman in his dining room.

The resident confronted the woman, who told him that she was just looking for something to eat. He told her to leave immediately, which she did. Then the homeowner called the police.

Officers responding to the call searched nearby and located the woman about 20 minutes later, a short distance away from the man’s house.

San Rafael resident Denora Montalvan, 41, was arrested, charged with burglary, booked at Marin County Jail and held for $50,000 bail.

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