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Shooting Leads to Cannabis Arrest

SLPD display pic of Wengate Street marijuana grow SAN LEANDRO – While responding to 911 calls reporting gunfire at 2:45 a.m. Sunday, San Leandro police found an illegal marijuana growing

Contra Costa

Pinole Rape Suspect Picked Up

Juan Vasquez (Bea Karnes -Pinole Patch) PINOLE – Detectives from the Pinole Police Department transported Richmond resident Juan Vasquez, 31, to the Martinez Detention Facility on September 23, after police in


Police K-9 Sniffs Out Shotgun

VENTURA — There could well be a thriving market for a handbook to be distributed by the California Department of Corrections to every outgoing felon released on parole, the title of

San Benito

Hollister Police Discover Business Center Grow-Op

Darien Nitahara (L) and Joseph Gilliam (R) HOLLISTER — Police responded to a burglary alarm in the 800 block of San Benito street, only to discover an active marijuana grow

San Bernardino

Probation and Meth Don’t Mix

Police display confiscated meth and money SAN BERNARDINO – As 36-year-old Robert Gutierrez hung around the front of a motel near Highland and Central Avenues, a local deputy spotted him and

Santa Barbara

$1M Bail for “Man of the Year” Molester

Anthony Durham Santa Barbara County – Life is not without its ironies, an eternal verity brought to the minds of many on September 20th, when 67-year-old Anthony Durham, a resident of

Los Angeles

$2.25 Million Scheme Exposed, Perp Arrested

Steven Edward Barnstetter LOS ANGELES – 60-year-old Steven Edward Barnstetter allegedly embezzled over two million dollars during the past nine years and involving eighteen victims. His recent arrest put a halt


Druggie Dealer Busted, Suspected of Counterfeiting

Derek Conte VENTURA COUNTY — One of the opening chapters of the somewhat obscure guidebook How to Succeed as a Drug Dealer undoubtedly refers to the leading principle followed by every


Public Leads Cops to Identity Thieves

Stephanie Godoy VENTURA COUNTY — Hiking through the well-traveled trails of the Ventura County area national forests is a popular pastime for those eager to experience a true outdoor adventure close

San Luis Obispo

Two arrested after fleeing deputies

Two suspects were arrested by San Luis Obispo Sheriff’s deputies on Saturday after attempting to flee. According to the sheriff’s office, at approximately 11:50 A.M., a deputy conducted a traffic