Police K-9 Sniffs Out Shotgun

Police K-9 Sniffs Out Shotgun

VENTURA — There could well be a thriving market for a handbook to be distributed by the California Department of Corrections to every outgoing felon released on parole, the title of which might well be “Your Guide to Returning to Prison in the Shortest Time Possible.”

Such a publication might even become a best-seller, based upon what seems to be common behavior among its prospective readership, and as evidenced by the September 25th arrest of 28-year-old Ventura resident Christian Torres.

According to the Ventura Police Department Watch Commander’s report to the media, Torres—a convicted felon released on parole—was sitting in his car late in the evening of the 25th in the company of 19-year-old Chris Gallegos and 18-year-old Christian Albarran, both hailing from Ventura. The three men were allegedly “drinking inside a parked vehicle” located on the premises of the city’s Ocean Park “after hours.”

Torres’ parked car apparently drew the attention of a VPD Patrol Officer who was partnered with a K-9 in the back seat of the black-and-white.

When the officer made contact with Torres, Gallego, and Albarran, the K-9 conducted a quick search of the vehicle and came up with an unloaded shotgun “concealed near the driver’s seat” and an undisclosed amount of cocaine “found in the center console.”

As a parolee, Torres is prohibited from possessing either firearms or ammunition, giving the officer little choice but to take him into custody.

All three men were transported to Ventura County Jail, where Torres was booked on charges of being a felon in possession of a firearm and having a firearm concealed in a vehicle.

Gallegos was cited for possession of a controlled substance and Albarran was cited for probation violation.

Photo: Courtesy Ventura Police Department

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