Probationer Arrested on Weapons Charges

Probationer Arrested on Weapons Charges

Ryan Brookshier

SANTA BARBARA COUNTY — The Santa Barbara County Probation Department staff is tasked with assuring that those released from custody abide by the terms of their release imposed by the courts.

Commonly, those terms preclude individuals from possessing or using any non-prescribed drugs or alcoholic beverages, as well as any firearms or ammunition.

When someone on probation is suspected of violating those terms, Probation Officers often call for the help of the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department Compliance Response Team.

Because suspected violators are frequently found to be in possession of dangerous weaponry, attempts at contacting such individuals are often conducted with no small degree of caution.

But when the probationer under such suspicion checks in as scheduled to the County Probation Department, law enforcement can also perform their duty with a more procedural approach that saves time and resources while avoiding such a show of force.

That was the case on August 24th, when 34-year-old Santa Maria resident Ryan Brookshier reported for a scheduled meeting with his probation officer and found himself “detained,” according to SBSD Public Information Officer Kelly Hoover who indicated that “previous attempts to conduct a search of Brookshier’s residence had been unsuccessful.

While Brookshier was at the Probation Department, Compliance Response Team deputies and Special Investigations Bureau detectives went to his home “as per the terms of his probation,” where they found a .45 semi-auto pistol, ammunition, “a smoke incendiary grenade” as well as prohibited drugs.

Brookshier didn’t have the opportunity to return home that day, as he was taken directly from the Probation Department to Santa Barbara County Jail, where he was booked on charges of felon in possession of a firearm, altering a firearm identification number, felon in possession of ammunition, and possession of a controlled substance.

Photo: Courtesy Santa Barbara County Jail Booking

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