Female abuser who continued assault jailed

Female abuser who continued assault jailed

Senter Apartments

SAN JOSE – A San Jose woman faces a fourth assault case after being arrested for continually threatening, assaulting, and abusing a female victim who had once lived near her.

48-year-old Lisa Kim Mendoza was picked up on July 23, 2016 on a fourth complaint in which Mendoza returned to a victim’s residence and had continued to verbally attack and threaten a female victim and her family members.

The San Jose Police Department arrested Mendoza on July 23, 2016 and for violation of multiple court stipulations in which Mendoza was told to stop harassing a female victim and violated a stay away order that stipulated the suspect stay 300 feet away from the victim.

In a previous case on March 31, 2016 near the apartment complex that Mendoza lived, a female victim walking her dog feared for her life as Mendoza walked toward her and started to yell obscenities and made the victim fear for their safety.

The victim had filed a civil harassment order against the suspect, who had lived several apartment doors down, but was evicted for her harassing behavior against other residents.

Despite the new arrest, it was apparent that Mendoza had returned to torment and continual verbally attack the victim.

With a second incident that occurred on April 7, 2016 when Mendoza still lived at the Senter Apartment Complex located at 1898 Senter Road, Apt #212, in San Jose, a female victim had called police to report that a woman who lived several doors down from her was threatening and harassing her again.

A stay away order had been issued. However, Mendoza continued to approach the victim while swearing at her while giving her the middle finger.

It is believed that after being evicted for her dangerous and threatening behavior, Mendoza became homeless and was squatting near the apartment complex in which to continue her verbal attack against the victim despite efforts to stop her. That is when she was finally arrested and remains in custody for the attack.

Mendoza was arrested for violating court order status, and faces her fourth misdemeanor charge for violating her court order under PC 166(a)(4), for willful disobedience of the terms of any process.  Her bail has been set at $35,000. Mendoza is being housed at the women’s facility located in Elmwood jail facility in Milpitas.

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