Fence-jumping Burglar Caught by Chopper & Dogs

Fence-jumping Burglar Caught by Chopper & Dogs

Anthony Herrera

Santa Barbara County – Perhaps in anticipation of the Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, 24-year-old Anthony Herrera thought he could hurdle a series of backyard fences in the City of Santa in the dark of night on July 24th to successfully evade the cops on his tail who undoubtedly hoped to have a conversation with him pursuant to a series of local area burglaries.

Herrera’s athletic effort began at dusk, when Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department deputies observed a vehicle that had earlier been reported as stolen cruising down city streets.

According to SBSD Public Information Officer Kelly Hoover, deputies attempted to conduct a traffic stop on “a green Honda Civic,” but “the driver sped off.” At that point, the chase was on, with the cops in pursuit “for six miles,” whereupon Herrera abandoned the car and took off on foot.

By that time, Herrera had a number of followers, including an SBSD Air Unit helicopter and a K-9 team. As Herrera vaulted over backyard fences, “running through back yards,” he was kept in full view by the airborne deputies and, ostensibly, in “full scent” by the German Shepherd hot on his heels.

When Herrera disappeared from aerial view into a residential garage, the homeowner immediately “alerted law enforcement,” and Herrera took off running again.

“He jumped additional fences,” but was ultimately taken into custody nearly two hours later, whereupon he was transported to Santa Barbara County Jail and booked on charges of felony evading, residential burglary, prowling, and possession of a stolen vehicle.

Photo: Courtesy Santa Barbara County Jail Booking

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