Police Catch Up to Armed Robbery Suspects

Police Catch Up to Armed Robbery Suspects

George Karagianoupulos (L) and Aaron Abeyta (R)

SANTA CRUZ — 36-year-old Aaron Abeyta and 34-year-old George Karagianoupulos of Santa Cruz are behind bars after police responded to the scene of an armed robbery.

Early Friday afternoon, police responded to the 100 block of Trinity Street on reports of an armed robbery at knifepoint. The victims gave police the descriptions of two men, a white male and a Hispanic male in an older white Honda that drive away on Leibrandt Avenue.

With a perimeter locked down by nearby law enforcement agencies, Santa Cruz police and local CHP were able to detain the suspects on Water Street. The two were immediately placed under arrest for the robbery as well as an attempted assault; one of the suspects allegedly tried to slash one of the victims.

The victims, two Hispanic men in their early 20s, were walking home when the noticed the white Honda speeding towards them. The driver asked them what gang they claimed, and they responded claiming no affiliation.

Both suspects then got out of the car and demanded the victims empty their pockets, all while brandishing a knife. The victims handed over their belongings, including their wallets, and Karagianoupulos punched one of them in the face.

The suspects then got back in the vehicle and took off down Leibrandt Avenue. The victims’ belongings were later recovered from the vehicle and returned.

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