Erratic Behavior Leads to Discovery of Pipe Bomb, Stun Gun

Erratic Behavior Leads to Discovery of Pipe Bomb, Stun Gun

Don Melvin Perdue

SANTA CLARA — On April 21 around 3 PM the Santa Clara Police found lethal weapons in the hands of a felon.

39-year-old Don Melvin Perdue was charged with felony count 18715(a) (possession of a destructive device).  Perdue was also charged with PC 22210 (possession of a SAPS or similar device), VC 14601.2(a) (driving on a suspended license for a DUI conviction), HS11364 (possession of a glass pipe used to smoke methamphetamine) and HS11550(a) (under the influence of a controlled substance).

Perdue had been driving in the area of 2525 Scott Boulevard in Santa Clara with a friend when a police officer shortly thereafter noticed him acting strangely while standing in the parking lot.

The SCPD officer noticed behavior usually consistent with the use of a controlled substance. Perdue got in his car and exited the parking lot. Noticing that the vehicle had a broken tail light that had been covered in red tape, along with expired plates, the patrolling officer initiated his lights and siren.

Perdue complied with the officer and pulled over the vehicle. Finding that Perdue was on searchable probation, Perdue was searched along with the vehicle he had been driving.

During this brief search a black bag that encased a hand Taser and a pipe bomb were discovered, as well as a sock that had been taped up with a large ball bearing. They also discovered a glass pipe and a crystal like substance.

During the search Perdue became aggressive, asking the officers why he was being detained. After explaining that he was being arrested for having the incendiary device and other weapons, he asked for a lawyer and refused to cooperate with arresting officers, and was then booked into to the Santa Clara County Main Jail on multiple charges.

Bail was set at $321.50 during his arraignment on April 25.  The next court date for Perdue has been scheduled for May 3.

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