Santa Clara Man Arrested for Sexual Assault, Violation of Restraining Order

Santa Clara Man Arrested for Sexual Assault, Violation of Restraining Order

SANTA CLARA — On April 3, police arrested 23-year-old Victor Garcia of Santa Clara, already wanted on felony warrants, on charges of rape assault, assault with injury, and domestic violence.

The arrest came after authorities pieced together evidence linking Garcia to a residence he was staying at after failing to comply with court orders.

An investigation revealed that Garcia had contacted the female victim as she was seated in her car. The two began to argue and Garcia sat on her and put the car into drive. She was able to quickly fight him off and stop the vehicle.

Apparently, both the suspect and victim had been drinking at a local bar when Garcia met her in the parking lot and wanted her to drive him home. She told him she was too drunk to drive and that she needed to wait, but Garcia insisted and even struck her several times in the face.

The situation escalated when Garcia ripped her black leggings and attempted to remove her shirt. He pushed her into the back seat where he held her down and continued to forcibly attempt to remove her clothes.

The woman saw a dispatched patrol car and managed to flag down the officer just as Garcia began choking her. He was detained and locked in the back seat of the patrol car as officers tried to calm the woman down and piece together what happened.

She recounted the events, and officers learned that Garcia had also been charged with kidnapping and domestic violence against the same woman at some point prior. She had even filed a restraining order against him following that first incident.

Garcia was formally arrested for failing to abide by the restraining order and on new charges of aggravated assault and rape.

Another charge, kidnapping during the commission of a carjacking, is pending further investigation by the DA’s Office.

The next court date has been scheduled for May 3 at 9 AM.

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