San Jose Man Arrested for Attempted Rape in Gas Station Bathroom

San Jose Man Arrested for Attempted Rape in Gas Station Bathroom

SAN JOSE — A $5,000,000 bail warrant was issued on February 11 for 68-year-old James Mayfield Tobin, who is accused of sexual assault, false imprisonment, and crime resulting in injury.

The victim reported that Tobin had forced his way into the restroom at a gas station, punched her three times in the face, then forced her pants down and began to assault her. Fortunately, she was able to fight back until police arrived.

This is apparently not the first time Tobin has attempted such an attack. He has also been arrested three other times for violent crimes and was, in fact, on parole for making “terrorist threats” at the time of this most recent incident.

According to a police report, video surveillance and the victim’s own account proved enough to detain Tobin, who was found wearing gloves.

During a brief interview with the arresting officer, Tobin stated that he wanted to get into the Super Bowl, so he took the county bus to San Jose. At some point he met the victim, who allegedly “wanted methamphetamine.” Tobin said he had some and led her to the restroom where, he admits, he punched her in the face and unbuckled his pants to have sex with her. However, he claimed he did not pull her pants down.

After he had punched her, the cashier heard the commotion and notified police. When Tobin was asked what he had been planning to do, he said, “I would have [sic] her, whether she wanted it or not.” The cashier then locked the front door to the station, preventing him from leaving.

Tobin repeatedly told the clerk he was sorry and wanted to leave.

The victim stated that he had pushed her back into the restroom after forcing his way in and told her he was “going to [sic] the [sic] out of you!” She then yelled, “What are you doing?! Who are you? Get off of me!”

Tobin allegedly tried to penetrate her as she lay on the floor after being hit. Fortunately, she was able to push him off and keep him at bay until police arrived.

The arresting officer said he felt that Tobin showed no remorse when he declared, “I don’t play! I was gonna take that [sic] . . . I’m old and my [sic] was hard!”

Tobin’s next court date has been scheduled for March 16th at 9 A.M.

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