DMT Cook Burned & Busted

Laurence Larsen

Santa Barbara – Early in the evening of February 13th, Santa Barbara Police and Santa Barbara City Fire units responded to a 911 Emergency call reporting a fire in a downtown apartment building, and when they arrived, they found 26-year-old Laurence Larsen in the middle of his smoldering kitchen suffering from burns to his arms, wrists, and hands.

The damage to the apartment was extensive, with the kitchen nearly destroyed in its entirety and smoke damage throughout the adjacent living spaces.

According to Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department Public Information Officer Kelly Hoover, once Larsen was transported to Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital for treatment, fire personnel conducted a preliminary inspection that indicated “the fire was most likely the result of an illegal drug manufacturing operation.”

At that point, SBSD narcotics detectives and the Los Angeles Interagency Metropolitan Police Apprehension Crime Task Force were alerted along with “certified clandestine laboratory investigators” who were brought to the scene to assist in the investigation.

Pursuant to the multi-task force investigation of the scene, it was determined that Larsen had been in the process of manufacturing dimethyltryptamine (DMT), a hallucinogenic derived via the extraction of certain elements found in root bark.

Hoover reported to the media that investigators believe Larsen had attempted to add paint thinner to his brew during the extraction process over an open flame, whereupon a “large fire” erupted.

Larsen reportedly shouted for help and was immediately assisted by an apartment complex neighbor who initially doused the flames with a fire extinguisher. The good Samaritan neighbor was subsequently transported to Cottage Hospital suffering from smoke inhalation.

After treatment of his injuries, Larsen was himself transported to Santa Barbara County Jail, where he was booked on charges of manufacturing an illegal substance and illegally causing a fire with injuries.

Photo: Courtesy Santa Barbara County Jail Booking

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