Another Deputy-Involved Shooting, Another Death

Another Deputy-Involved Shooting, Another Death

During the early morning hours of December 20th, on the 37900 block of 47th Street East, Palmdale, authorities were contacted by a few Taco Bell employees to investigate a suspect under the suspicion of drunk driving after the suspect crashed into the business, next to the drive thru.

When the deputies arrived, they immediately conducted a DUI investigation on the driver. According to the report, the deputies also investigated the suspect’s car, and they found a blue-steel pistol and a large bag of marijuana. After the investigation, the deputies had the suspect sit on the rear end of the car as they were preparing to arrest him.

Before the deputies could cuff the suspect, he jumped out and started to attack a deputy. Other deputies tried to break up the fight, as the fight went to the ground. At one point during the scuffle, the suspect managed to posses the deputy’s gun. The deputy alarmed the other deputies of this turn of events as he tried to seize his gun back. The  other deputies commanded the suspect to surrender the gun, but to no avail.

Being seen as a threat to the deputies, a deputy shot the suspect and the fight ended right away. The deputies came to his aid, as they waited for emergency services to arrive.

The suspect was transported to the nearest hospital, where he was pronounced dead shortly after.

The involved deputies had cuts, bruises, and abrasions during the incident.

No other information has been provided and the investigation is still ongoing.


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