Woman Shot By Robber on Street Remains in Stable Condition

Woman Shot By Robber on Street Remains in Stable Condition

900 area of W Street where shooting is said to have occurred.

SACRAMENTO — A local woman who was shot during a robbery on Wednesday morning, December 9, in Sacramento is in critical but stable condition, although her assailant remains at large.

The shooting occurred at approximately 11:00 am on the 900 block of W Street when a man tried to rob a woman of her belongings. The two struggled and the man fired a weapon, striking her “multiple times,” according to Officer Justin Brown, a Sacramento police spokesman.

The suspect fled in a white sedan. The victim was rushed to a hospital and treated for injuries that are not life-threatening.

Police said they believe the meeting was pre-arranged and possibly drug-related.

A neighbor who was using a leaf blower said he saw three men hanging around near the corner of Ninth and W streets just prior to the shooting.

The man, who declined to be identified, said he stopped blowing leaves and was speaking with a neighbor when he heard loud sounds that turned out to be gunfire.

He walked up W Street and saw a woman on the ground. She told him that she had been shot, so he called out for someone to call 911.

“The woman said she was having a hard time breathing,” said the man. “I was trying to help her out the best I could.”


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