Mendocino Deputies Arrest 3 in Redwood Valley for Domestic Violence

Mendocino Deputies Arrest 3 in Redwood Valley for Domestic Violence

Kurt Akin and Todd Ramos were arrested in unrelated domestic violence incidents last weekend (Mendocino SD)

Kurt and Bonnie Akin are a married couple living in the rural wine country of inland Mendocino County in the community of Redwood Valley, which is located along the 101 Freeway just north of Ukiah, near Lake Mendocino. Their home is in the northern part of town, near the vineyards of the Redwood Valley, Sonnen, and Silversmith wineries.

It was the evening of Friday, the 13th of November, according to the Mendocino Sheriff’s office, that the couple got into an argument, reportedly about a cell phone. The dispute became physical, and the two fought with each other. Though it appears no serious blows were exchanged, Bonnie Akin, who is 33-years-old, was left with extensive bruising on her arms, apparently from being restrained by her husband.

Redwood Valley vineyards, near where the Akins live.

Redwood Valley vineyards, near where the Akins live.

It is not clear if she left the home that night, but she showed up at the Ukiah Police Station the next morning and reported the incident from the night before. Sheriff’s deputies were called to investigate the incident, and contacted her husband and asked him to come to the Sheriff’s office to be interviewed about the conflict.

As a result of the investigation, Kurt Akin, 34, was arrested and booked on charges of felony inflicting corporal injury on a spouse or co-habitant. He was released on $25,000 bail that day. For her part in the conflict, Bonnie Akin was cited for misdemeanor domestic battery and released.

The case of the Akins was unusual in that both parties were arrested in the incident, and at least initially found to share in the responsibility. A more typical case came up in the same town the next day, on Sunday, November 15. It was at 8:50 in the morning that deputies were sent to an area hospital on a report of a female victim of domestic violence.

According to the Mendocino Sheriff’s office, the responding deputies found the 38-year-old victim with a knee injury, who reported that she had been at the home of her boyfriend, Todd Ramos, the night before.

Todd Refino Ramos lives in the southern part of Redwood Valley, near the Coyote Valley Casino and on the Coyote Valley Reservation lands, adjacent to the Russian River. The woman reported that early that morning the two had gotten into an argument, and at one point he grabbed her and threw her across the room. She fell to the floor, injuring her knee, shoulder, and chest area.

The deputies proceeded to Ramos’ residence and placed him under arrest for felony domestic battery and violating the terms of his probation. He had been arrested earlier this year, according to available records, by Ukiah area Highway Patrol for speeding, driving under the influence, and violating his probation.

A story from the 1998 archives of the Ukiah Daily Journal reported that in July of that year, he was arrested for possession of methamphetamine for sale. He had been found with Lorene Eichner, who was arrested for possession of a stolen credit card and using it to purchase tires. Ramos was already on probation at that time as well.

Ramos is currently being held at the Mendocino County Jail on $30,000 bail.

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