Suspect Arrested at Riverside Superior Court for Impersonating Peace Officer

Suspect Arrested at Riverside Superior Court for Impersonating Peace Officer

James Steven Davis

RIVERSIDE – A man attempting to bypass court security was arrested for carrying a bevvy of false identification.

On Wednesday, November 4 at about 1:45 pm, James Steven Davis, age 62 of Maywood California, attempted to bypass security at the Riverside Superior Court, located at 4050 Main Street in Riverside. Davis flashed identification, trying to pass as a peace officer while attempting to circumvent standard security screening procedures at the courthouse entrance.

Riverside Sheriff’s Department deputies detained Davis in an effort to verify his identification, at which time the suspect produced several purported law enforcement and fire service badges and identification cards. All of Davis’ forms of identification were determined to be fraudulent by the deputies.

Further investigation revealed that Davis was not, in fact, a peace officer, or firefighter, or even an employee of any public or private agency despite his identification. Further investigation into the situation also revealed that this was not the first time Davis had attempted something similar. The suspect had previously been arrested and booked by a federal law enforcement agency for fraudulently identifying himself as a federal law enforcement agent.

After obtaining a warrant and searching Davis’s automobile, which was parked just outside the courthouse, deputies also found a replica semi-automatic handgun. Additionally, they discovered authentic protective apparel commonly utilized by firefighters.

There was no statement from the Riverside Sheriff’s Department about whether or not any of IDs listed the suspect as Dean or Sam Winchester. Bobby Singer was also unavailable for comment.

Davis was arrested for felony charges of impersonating a peace officer and impersonating a firefighter, along with a misdemeanor trespassing charge related to his unlawful bypassing of courthouse security screening procedures. He was then booked on these charges at the Sheriff’s Robert Presley Detention Center, where his bail was set at $5,000.00.

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