Is School Really That Bad?

Is School Really That Bad?

Middle School Finds Another Threatening Message

HOLLISTER—Coming off an investigation into September’s bomb threat, the Hollister School District and the Hollister Police Department are dealing with another bomb scare that threatened a bombing on Monday, November 2 at Marguerite Maze Middle School. With one juvenile arrested for the September incident, you might wonder if school is really that bad that students just don’t want to go.

With Friday being a teacher workday, (something I never got as a kid) the students were already facing a three day holiday weekend with Halloween in between. I ask you, Is the candy really that good that you need two days to enjoy it?

On Thursday October 29, school officials found another threatening note that indicated a “bomb” would go off on Monday. The Hollister School District called the Police Department and informed the School Resource Officer about the very serious findings.

The school and the district staff, along with the police, implemented a thorough search of the school grounds to ensure that it was safe for students and staff to attend on Monday. The District decided to resume school as usual, but were taking heavy precautions throughout the day on Monday.

This incident comes on the heels of another scare, when school officials found a threatening note written on a bathroom also indicating a bomb. The school was evacuated and a search of the entire grounds was performed, finding “no bomb”.  A few days later a juvenile was arrested in connection to the bomb threat to that very same school.

An investigation into this latest threat continues.

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