Watsonville Police Make An Arrest In Year Old Murder Case

Watsonville Police Make An Arrest In Year Old Murder Case

Marcos Robles captured and brought to justice. Samantha Teran booking photo.

Suspects Were Located In Guadalajara, Mexico

WATSONVILLE—Recently I wrote that as a criminal you should not test the resolve of the Watsonville Police Department because they always get their man – it seems that they are taking their cue from the Canadian Mounted Police. This has proved true once again.

With time closing in on about a year since the crime occurred, the Watsonville Police Department, along with the Federal Bureau of investigation, launched a media campaign in both the United States and Mexico hoping that it would generate more leads into the whereabouts of Marcos Robles. He is wanted, along with Brandon Martinez, in the murder of 4-year-old Jaelyn Marie Zavala, who was an innocent victim of gunfire as the gunmen targeted Ramon Rendon.

Jaelyn Zavala, innocent 4-year-old victim (Instagram)

Jaelyn Zavala, innocent 4-year-old victim (Instagram)

Jaelyn Zavala was hit while inside the office of the Fish House restaurant with Emanuel Hernandez while a shooting took place on the parking lot. Hernandez was also wounded, and Rendon was killed outside. Six men were arrested in the incident, all reportedly Norteno gang members. Michael Escobar was caught that night, followed by Gilberto Ponciano, Juan Carlos Ruiz, Roberto Cancino Ramirez, Jimmy Fernando Espinoza, and Amando Marshall Hernandez. Robles and Martinez were identified but not located.

The media campaign paid dividends because on October 1, Mexican officials received a tip on where Marcos could be found. Armed with the information, Mexican authorities raided an apartment that they believed Robles was occupying. They were able to arrest both 23-year-old Marcos Robles and his 23-year-old girlfriend Samantha Teran without incident.

The couple are both from Watsonville. Teran is being charged as an accessory after the murder. The person who provided the tip that led to the arrest of the two individuals is eligible for a $20,000.00 reward that was offered by the FBI.

The two were turned over to the Watsonville Police and the FBI late Friday night as the transport plane touched down on US soil. They are now being housed in the Santa Cruz County Jail. Brandon Martinez is the last remaining suspect at large.

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