Hollister Woman Arrested For Selling Drug To Minor

Hollister Woman Arrested For Selling Drug To Minor

Victim Was Taken To Health Office at School Unconscious

HOLLISTER—Hollister Police arrested 18-year-old Kyllie Lawson of Hollister after it was determined that she gave an Alprazolam pill to a student at San Benito High School, who collapsed while in class and was taken to the local hospital.

On August 26, the Hollister Fire Department responded to a medical emergency at the Health Office of the San Benito High School. According to school officials, a student was brought into the office unconscious, but still breathing.

The student eventually regained consciousness and was transported to Hazel Hawkins Hospital for further treatment. Hollister Police Officer J. Guevara responded to the hospital for further evaluation of the student.

The student told Officer Guevara that he had purchased and ingested an Alprazolam pill before returning to class. Alprazolam is commonly known as Xanax, which is prescribed by doctors to help with the treatment of anxiety.

After an investigation, Officer Guevara developed information that led him to the identity of the seller of the pill. Officer Guevara spoke with Miss Lawson and determined that she did not have a prescription for Xanax.

Xanax pills

Lawson was arrested on charges of selling a prescription drug without a prescription, and child endangerment. “The Hollister Police would like to make the community aware of the increasing popularity of the abuse of Xanax among juveniles.” Hollister Police Captain Carlos Reynoso wrote in a press release.

The symptoms of being under the influence of a Xanax pill are drowsiness, sedation, lack of focus, slurred speech and confusion.

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