Another Cop-Killer Granted Parole

Another Cop-Killer Granted Parole

SACRAMENTO – Ryan Williams was a 6-year-old boy on October 31, 1985 when his father, Detective Thomas C. Williams, picked him up from daycare. The elder Williams called out to his son to “duck,” and in turn was hit eight times with flying bullets. Ryan’s father died at the scene.

Police found Voltaire Williams (no relation) complicit in the murder. The intriguing story involved suspect Williams wanting to get into the good graces of 33-year-old limo company owner Daniel Jenkins. Detective Williams had arrested Jenkins for armed robbery. Jenkins hatched a plan to kill the detective. Voltaire Williams backed out of the scheme and attempted to persuade another friend to pull the trigger.

Detective Thomas C Williams

Detective Thomas C Williams

When that friend, Aladron Hunter, also backed out, and Daniel Jenkins killed Thomas Williams.

It was Hunter who told police of the scheme and Voltaire Williams’ role in it. Williams landed in prison for that role with a sentence of 25 years to life. Jenkins remains on death row.

On August 4th Voltaire Williams was granted parole for the part he played in the murder of Detective Thomas C. Williams, after he served 26 years of his sentence. Ryan Williams is now a 36-year-old man and spoke out against the convicted conspirator’s release. Norma Williams, the widow, submitted a letter to California Governor Jerry Brown, stating –

 “Voltaire Williams may not have directly murdered my husband, LAPD Detective Thomas C. Williams but he was one of Daniel Jenkins’ accomplices in the murder plot.  The record shows that Voltaire Williams, at the behest of Jenkins, RECRUITED a potential assassin who backed out of the plot when he saw my husband Tom arrive at the planned location of the “hit” and suspected that the intended victim was a police officer and not a security guard as he had been informed. Voltaire knew the details of the plot and the plan to murder a Los Angeles Police Officer.”   

She adds – “Most importantly, it is a fact that Voltaire Williams himself, only a few days before the murder, was “staked out” in front of the school in anticipation of Tom’s arrival to pick up Ryan. Tom did not show as expected. We later learned that Voltaire was there to kill Tom and in possession of a gun given to him by Daniel Jenkins. Throughout the past parole hearing these FACTS were never discussed nor considered.  Upon hearing the news of Voltaire Williams’ pending release, my adult children and I were devastated and I hope that you will use this information to deny Voltaire parole.”

In 2014, one third of California’s lifers (902) were granted parole, while 1,807 were denied. A full parole board will review Williams’ case for up to 4 months, and then Governor Brown will review their decision for up to 30 days.  Brown could approve their decision, deny it, or send it back for more review. We hope that for those who kill cops, or are complicit in their murder, the reversal of any decision to grant  parole will be swift.

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