Watsonville Man Gets Taken For A Ride

Watsonville Man Gets Taken For A Ride

Victim Accosted By Two Unknown Suspects

WATSONVILLE—You know that startling feeling you get when you’re engrossed in something and someone suddenly comes up to you.  Well, imagine the feeling you would get if the someones turn out to be people you did not know. This the sort of thing that happened to a Watsonville man who was carjacked by gunpoint, then taken for a ride.

On Saturday, August 29 at 6 pm, Watsonville police were called to respond to a report of a possible carjacking. When police arrived, they contacted the victim, who told them that on Friday night he was sitting in his car on Union Street waiting for a friend. While texting on his cell phone, two Hispanic male suspects approached and startled him. The two suspects then proceeded to enter his vehicle. One of them sat in the right front passenger seat, and the other in the back seat.  One of suspects, who spoke in broken English, told the victim to drive out of the area.

A short time later, the suspect in the front seat pulled a gun and pointed it at the victim, and ordered him to stop the car and exit the vehicle. Next, the suspect ordered the victim into the trunk of the car, and the victim complied with the order.

The suspects drove around in the stolen vehicle for several hours with him in the trunk. They let him out near East Lake Avenue and Carlton Road, and then fled the area in the stolen car. The victim stated that he went to a market nearby to call police.  The car was recovered on Carlton Road not far from where he was released. The suspects were not found.

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