Three Sacramento Musicians Attacked for Wearing Skinny Jeans

Three Sacramento Musicians Attacked for Wearing Skinny Jeans

They probably never thought their choice in pants would lead to an attack, but that is exactly what happened to three Sacramento area musicians who were wearing skinny jeans.

All three men are musicians in Sacramento area bands and took to social media to talk about the attack. The three men were walking home from a bar in midtown on Sunday night, June 22 when the suspect shouted homophobic slurs because the men wore skinny jeans. After hurling epithets regarding sexual orientation, the suspect began attacking all three men. Two of the men were stabbed with what appeared to be a 12-inch knife. The third victim suffered cuts and a broken hand in the attack.

Sacramento Police began investigating the incident, which led to the arrest of 25-year old Timothy Brownell. He was initially arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. After making bail, he was released on Monday.

Officers continued their investigation, and the incident was reclassified as a hate crime. A new arrest warrant was quickly issued for the suspect. On Tuesday evening, June 24, Brownell turned himself in to Sacramento Police and is now facing additional hate crime charges. The suspect was taken to Sacramento County Jail where bail was set at $1 million.

While all three musicians continue to heal, friends and supporters are holding a benefit concert they’re calling “I Wear Skinny Jeans.” The benefit will be held Saturday, June 27 at the Pour House in Sacramento. The proceeds are going to help the victims with medical expenses.

stabbing victim

One of the victims, who suffered severe cuts on his arm, posted pictures of his stitched up wounds from the hospital (left) and posted this account of the incident on Facebook: “On my way home last night from Tank House me and my friends were jumped and stabbed by two guys who called us “faggots for wearing tight jeans”. We did nothing to provoke them. We were in the wrong place at the wrong time. My arm was completely mangled by a 7-8 inch Rambo knife. I got out of surgery a few hours ago and I’m still in shock this happened to us. After I was stabbed I saw how bad it was and started running to Press Club so I could get help. I’m not sure who you are but thank you to the girl who identified the guys who did this to us. They are in jail thanks to you and hopefully get charged with attempted Murder. [To his friend] thanks for saving my life man I’m glad you were there to stop them from stabbing me in the back when I was running away.This [deleted] has to stop in our city. We literally had the best day ever and everything changed in 5 minutes of hate. My arm will never be the same its devastating to me. My wife has been by my side the entire time and I needed it so bad. Spread love stop the hate.”

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