Charges on two Madera arrestees dropped for now

Charges on two Madera arrestees dropped for now

Two men arrested in Madera County have had their charges dropped or suspended, at least for now.

Leobardo Lemus-Malgon and Kenneth Daily were both arrested on Monday afternoon, May 25. After they were booked at the Madera County Department of Corrections, according to an official report, the District Attorney’s office chose not to file indictments on them, at least at that time.

Lemus-Malgon, who lists his residence as a large ranch in Chowchilla on Robertson Blvd., southwest of the main part of town, was initially charged with rape by force or fear of immediate injury, and threatening crime with intent to terrorize. He was brought in by Madera County Sheriff’s deputies at 5:22 pm that Monday. Bail for the two felonies was $125,000 before the D.A.’s office rejected the case.

Kenneth Daily, who is unemployed and lists his home as another rural property, but his in the Parksdale area of east Madera, was brought in just a few minutes earlier, and may have shared a holding cell with Lemus-Malgon. Daily was also charged with threatening crime with intent to terrorize, along with child endangerment, both felonies. His bail was set at $35,000 before the D.A. decided again not to file. He was also cited for the infraction of possessing less than an ounce of marijuana, with bail of $100 pending his appearance in court on that charge.

The Madera County District Attorney, Michael Keitz, may yet file indictments and issue warrants for either of these men, but prosecutors may be awaiting witnesses or victims who will be willing to testify against them. Until then, local law enforcement is no doubt keeping an eye out for any other incidents, especially episodes involving violence.

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