Friends With Warrants Shouldn’t Let Friends Drive Drunk

Friends With Warrants Shouldn’t Let Friends Drive Drunk

INGLEWOOD, CA—If one has outstanding bench warrants, and one’s friend is driving while under the influence, even the prestige of that friend being an architect may not prevent him from being stopped and arrested.

Trevor Daniel Mathews, 27, and Lavester Madison, 27, were arrested by Inglewood police officers (IPD) on Thursday, April 16 at approximately 8:48 p.m. at the intersection of Prairie Avenue and 102nd Street in Inglewood. The area is best described as having pothole-strewn streets surrounded by fenced-in lots that have sat empty since the 1980s, when Los Angeles International Airports (LAX) bought up the former residential areas and razed them.

Mathews, a warehouse worker, was found to have three outstanding warrants. Two were from LAPD for failure to appear (853.7PC) and the third was for the same, albeit from the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department.

Madison had only one warrant and it was for a DUI: Alcohol/0.08 percent (23152(B)VC) from Alhambra PD. The architect now has two DUIs, however, as IPD charged him with that as well as reckless driving at high speeds (23103(A)VC), driving with a suspended license (14601.1AVC) and a misdemeanor charge of simple possession of a controlled substance (11377HS).

Bail for Mathews was set at $1,461. Bail for Madison, however, was considerably higher at $47,300.

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