Man Struck by Driver Wanting Access to Storage Facility

Man Struck by Driver Wanting Access to Storage Facility

San Francisco – A vehicle struck a 34-year-old man when he tried to restrict the driver from access to a storage facility.

The incident started in the morning hours of April 17th at the ExtraSpace public storage facility on the 1700 block of Egbert Avenue. The victim was entering the facility when the suspect approached and asked to be let in.  According to information released by the department, the victim refused, telling the suspect he would have to wait for the business to open to be let in.

The two separated, the victim going on about his business in the facility. A short time later, he witnessed the suspect rush through the gate behind another vehicle. Not wanting to permit the suspect access, the victim stood in front of the car, attempting to block its way. The suspect yelled for the victim to move out of the way, but when the victim would not move, the suspect proceeded to accelerate, striking the victim and causing him to topple over the hood and onto the ground.

The suspect then fled the scene. The victim was not seriously hurt and quickly called police. While giving his statement to responding officers, he saw the suspect drive by once again. The officers were able to stop the vehicle, apprehend the suspect, and place him under arrest.

66-year-old Robert Macshate of San Francisco on aggravated assault charges. While the victim was thankfully unhurt, the incident occurred within days of another incident, where an Uber driver purposefully struck and injured a cyclist in Fisherman’s Wharf.

Macshate, who lives about four miles from the storage facility, near the City College of San Francisco, has been arrested several times recently, but for non-violent crimes. He was charged with possession of cocaine base for sale, destroying evidence, and driving with a suspended license on July 31, according to San Francisco Police reports. He was arrested on similar charges – possessing cocaine base for sale and drug paraphernalia on January 25, 2014.  On October 12 of 2013 he was also charged with, once again possession of cocaine base for sale, driving on a suspended license, and probation violations.



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