Witness, Officers Chase Down Busy Car Burglar

Witness, Officers Chase Down Busy Car Burglar

San Francisco – In the early morning hours of Wednesday,  April 1st, a witness was walking through the Valente Marini Perata Funeral Home parking lot, on Mission Street near Ocean Avenue, when he noticed a man rummaging through the contents of a Honda Civic.

According to information released by the San Francisco Police Department, the witness observed the man advance to a Lexus SC 400, where he withdrew several objects and placed them on the ground, presumably to retrieve later. The suspect then went on to yet another vehicle in the parking lot. Having seen enough, the witness called out to the suspect, who then fled through an open fence. The witness, while calling police, chased the suspect.

Officers Hoge, Marshall, and Smith were able to apprehend the suspect in a nearby Safeway parking lot. They placed 21-year-old Damel Juarel-Alfredo of San Francisco under arrest for several counts of burglary as well as an outstanding warrant.

A search of the parking lot revealed that each car had a broken window. A sledgehammer was found at the scene. In the immediate area, officers also found that several cars had been broken into.

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