Two Duffle Bags of Double Trouble

Two Duffle Bags of Double Trouble

SAN FRANCISCO – On Friday the 13th of March officers of the Ingleside station received a 911 call stating there was a “man with a gun” on Persia Avenue.

Officers Dominguez and Chew arrived on the scene to find a suspect sitting on the front steps of a home. Next to him were two duffel bags. Concerned for their own safety, the officers handcuffed the suspect who refused to identify himself.

Searching his pockets, officers found a switchblade knife, a fixed blade knife, and two shotgun shells. The suspect and his belongings were taken into custody. At the station, the suspect still refused to speak with officers.  Conducting a further search, officers were able to obtain the suspect’s identification with an address nearby where he had been taken into custody. His residence is listed as a home in the Alice Griffith Housing Project near Candlestick Park.

25-year-old Albert Malbrough of San Francisco still had more in store. According to information released by the department, a search of Malbrough’s duffle bags turned up another fixed blade knife, narcotics paraphernalia, various pills, forty-four assorted caliber bullets, two hundred seven miscellaneous bullet casings, a handgun, and an AK-47 assault rifle.  He was arrested on several corresponding charges.

Malbrough had been arrested in November 2013 on charges of second degree burglary and conspiracy.

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