Video Shoot Leads to Gun, Drug Charges

Video Shoot Leads to Gun, Drug Charges

SAN FRANCISCO – March 7th  According to a Bayview Station press release, officers patrolling the area near Harbor and Northridge were alerted by the sight of a crowd of people, many of whom they recognized to be members of the “Big Block” gang.

Officers learned from one of the subjects that the group was prepping to film a music video. Officers left the scene, but positioned themselves inconspicuously nearby, where they could maintain a vantage point on the video shoot.

During the video, one of the subjects produced a .40 caliber handgun and loaded a round into the chamber. Officers noted that no one in the group seemed bothered by the weapon. With back-up officers in tow, they returned to the scene and recovered the loaded handgun. A pat down search of another subject uncovered a bag with 12 to 15 rocks of crack cocaine.

Officers arrested 24-year-old Michael Higginbotham of San Francisco on drug charges, and 21-year-old Taj Williams of Vallejo on weapons charges.

Williams, while living in Richmond, had been arrested on November 14 of last year for burglary and a probation violation. On March 10 he had been picked up by officers of the Oakland Highway Patrol office for transportation and possession of a narcotic controlled substance and carrying a loaded and concealed weapon in his vehicle.

Earlier records show Williams was arrested for burglary in September 2011, possessing stolen property in July 2012, and robbery, conspiracy, and possession of stolen property in August of 2013, along with a parole violation.

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