Bicyclist Almost Collides with Patrol Car Gets Arrested

Bicyclist Almost Collides with Patrol Car Gets Arrested

Suspect had Warrant and Burglary Tools

San Francisco – According to a Bayview station press release, at approximately 7:20 am on Tuesday March 3rd, a bicyclist zipped past a stop sign at the intersection of Mariposa and Texas Streets, and nearly struck a patrol car.

The officers on patrol noticed the rider matched the description of a suspect who had been spotted peering into vehicles. Previous station press releases have described this behavior as consistent with break-ins, which are common in San Francisco.

Officers approached the suspect and checked his identification. A records check revealed an outstanding warrant for his arrest. Officers also made contact with two witnesses, who positively identified forty-one year old Wesley Johnson as the man casing the vehicles. Officers searched Johnson and found that he was in possession of common burglary tools. He was arrested for possession of those tools along with the arrest warrant.

A records check found that Johnson had just been arrested in January on an outstanding warrant and for assault with a deadly weapon. He had also been charged with theft in September of last year, and in April of 2010, he was arrested for possession of stolen property.

While the year-end crime stats for 2014 released on February 20th by SFPD state that overall property crimes were down nearly 5.27%, the month of January 2014 saw 1225 auto burglaries alone, according to a statement issued by Captain Bob Moser of Mission station last March. Captain Moser also stated that all auto burglaries have the same thing in common, something of value is left inside the car.  As of this report, a request to SFPD for monthly statistics for auto break-ins for 2015 had not yet been provided.

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