Clovis man arrested for violent behavior

Clovis man arrested for violent behavior

A Clovis man was arrested last Thursday morning in Madera. The suspect, Ulysees Green, was brought in on charges of threatening to commit a crime with violent behavior, under penal code 422. The arrest was made by deputies from the Madera Sheriff’s Office.

The felony committed by the 63-year-old Green drew $25,000 bail, according to the Madera County Department of corrections, and Green is being held in the South Madera Detention Center.

Also known as Ulysees Willie Earl Green, or Willie Earl Green, he had been convicted of murder, burglary, and robbery in 1983, from the killing of Denise “Dee Dee” Walker at a Los Angeles crack house. He maintained his innocence during his incarceration at San Quentin, and he was released on March 20, 2008, after nearly 25 years and then 56-years-old, his conviction overturned when a judge ruled that the main witness against him had lied.

In a message he posted last March on his Facebook page, he said “I was one of the people who was wrongly convicted. I was in prison for 25 years for something I didn’t do in San Quentin. I did get my degree and started my own group called TRUST Fellas and helped men get their GED while being in prison. I never had any type of incident while being in San Quentin.”

Further information on his arrest on Thursday, February 19, was not released by the Sheriff’s department, but it is believed that he was in a dispute with someone known to him at the time.

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