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Caught in the Act…by a Cop

Ventura County – If there is a single, most important tenet of professional burglars, it is this: whenever one is perpetrating the surreptitious theft of property belonging to others, the act

Santa Clara

Murders suspect faces ‘Life Without Parole’ for Oct 30, 2014 shooting

Follow up: 27-year-old Jamie Ramone Lockett is facing charges under PC 187, felony homicide. Lockett is accused of the murder of 24-year-old Tyrone Fryman. The charge holds an allegation under


Ex-Woodland Firefighter Does Plea Deal For Embezzlement

A former Woodland firefighter accused of embezzlement reached agreement with prosecutors on a plea deal to resolve the case. Dominic Norman, 41, a resident of Vacaville, pleaded no contest to


Norteno Gang Member Pleads ‘No Contest’

Suspect was charged in April 2014 Shooting SALINAS—The Monterey County District Attorney’s Office announced today that 20-year-old Salinas resident and Norteno Gang member Michael Lamar Hatten pleaded ‘No Contest’ to


Cocaine Dealers Targeting Teens Busted

Ventura County – Ventura County Sheriff’s Department Public Information Officer Sgt. Victor Fazio provided details of ongoing progress made by the Ventura County Interagency Pharmaceutical Crimes Unit in its efforts to

Santa Clara

Two local cities reeling from knife wielding attackers around Valentine’s Day

This St. Valentine’s Day weekend became a blizzard of arrests for Santa Clara County law enforcement, ranging from from drunk driving to domestic violence. And during the week around Valentine’s

Santa Barbara

Child Care or Child Torture?

Santa Barbara County – What may well become one of the most sensational criminal investigations in the area’s recent history got off to a running start on February 10th with the


Bakersfield Man Busted for Selling Meth and Coke

BAKERSFIELD — A 35-year-old man was arrested on Tuesday after authorities discovered a large amount of drugs for sale inside his south Bakersfield home. Carlos Gomez, of Bakersfield was booked

Santa Barbara

Heat of Passion Turns into Firebomb Attempt

Santa Barbara County – Chad Ramos, a 34-year old resident of Santa Maria apparently had the hots for a lady who was no longer interested in the warm affection he was

San Benito

Investigation Sends Two to Jail for Guns, Drugs, Stolen Property

Authorities were Investigating Home for Drug Sales HOLLISTER—Authorities arrested two Hollister residents after a search warrant produced guns, drugs and stolen property. Arrested were 50-year-old Hollister resident Ramon Larios Lucatero,