$50K Bail for Female Child Molester

$50K Bail for Female Child Molester

Ventura County – One would think that any reasonably attractive woman in her forties would have little trouble finding dating partners of the opposite sex who might be considered “age appropriate”. And when such a woman appears to have violated laws designed to protect minors from sexual predators—laws which make no distinction as to the genders of the involved parties—the consequences for her can be both legally onerous and publicly humiliating as the media seems to take special interest in exploiting such “news” events.

The story of Tracie Marie Marsh, a 46-year old resident of Camarillo who was arrested at her home on February 2nd pursuant to an investigation conducted by the Ventura County Sheriff Department’s Major Crime Bureau, began with a parents’ report of her active and ongoing molestation of their 16-year old boy, and was quickly picked up my every conceivable media outlet. The adage “sex sells” seems applicable.

The law enforcement ball began to roll when, according to Ventura County Sheriff Media Relations Officer Cpt. Dan Aguilar, “the juvenile male victim disclosed to family members that Marsh had engaged in sexual acts with him which had been ongoing over the past several months.”

When the boy’s parents contacted law enforcement, their investigation generated “evidence that corroborated the victim’s statement,” Aguilar reported, providing no additional details of that detective work at this time. With that evidence in hand, detectives then sought and retained a search warrant upon the premises of Marsh, as well as an arrest warrant upon her person. Those warrants were reportedly served on the afternoon of the 2nd, whereupon Marsh was detained and placed under arrest on suspicion of child molestation.

She was then transported to Ventura County Jail where she was booked upon that charge, with her bail set at $50,000.

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