Violent Fight = Arrest

Violent Fight = Arrest

Ventura – Just after midnight on January 17th, the streets of downtown Ventura erupted into mortal combat involving what the Ventura Police Department spokesman described to the media as “a large group” of men with apparently deadly intent.

It was at that time that a 911 Emergency call to the Ventura Police Command Center described one of the combatants as “armed with a knife” who had already stabbed another man. With the caller’s description of the knife-wielding fighter and the direction of his departure from the scene of battle, responding VPD patrol officers spotted an individual ducking into a downtown parking structure. When officers made contact with Jason Patterson, a 33-year old resident of Los Angeles County, he was promptly detained and determined to be in possession of a knife.

Investigation was immediately conducted, and witness statements indicated that Patterson and another man were engaged in a fight whereupon Patterson thrust his knife into the abdomen of his opponent. A third individual, Domenic Todarello, a 27-year old Ventura resident, attempted the intercede and break the fight up, but was himself threatened and verbally assaulted by Patterson. At that point, Patterson fled the area on foot, later to be caught in the parking structure by uniformed officers.

While the stabbing victim was not found nor reported to have sought medical attention at any area hospital, Patterson himself was transported to Ventura County Jail and booked on charges of terrorist threats and brandishing a weapon. Ventura Police detectives are actively seeking additional information as to the events in question, and request anyone with knowledge of the incident to contact them at (805) 339-4309.

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