San Bernardino Police Nab Liquor Store Burglary Suspect

San Bernardino Police Nab Liquor Store Burglary Suspect

SAN BERNARDINO – Police caught a man who admitted to a series of liquor store burglaries that have taken place over the past few months.

When Ledaniel Russell, 21, was spotted leaving the front of a liquor store on North Del Rosa Ave. by a patrolling officer in the early morning hours on Dec. 29, he fled on foot.

Investigation and video surveillance footage quickly revealed that Russell used a rock to break the glass door at Good Spirit Liquor, located at 2501 N. Del Rosa, according to Lt. Rich Lawhead, spokesman for the San Bernardino Police Department. Russell, a San Bernardino resident, tried to bend the second set of security bars inside the business behind the door, said Lawhead.

When he broke the window, it set off the burglary alarm, which alerted officers. While he was trying to bend the security bars, police had arrived in time to thwart the burglary attempt. Though he tried to flee on foot, he was caught be police.

“This burglary,” said Lawhead, “is similar to multiple burglaries that have been investigated over the past few months.” Lawhead noted that crimes had been committed at Good Spirit Liquor, Superior Liquor at 2950 North Del Rosa, and Terry’s Liquor at 1221 East Lynwood. The method of operation, he said, “for entry and items taken has all been similar.”

Russell, he said, was questioned about the previous burglaries, admitting his involvement in those incidents. “Russell not only admitted his involvement,” said Lawhead, “but provided officers with detailed information that only someone involved in the crime would know.” Arrested and booked on the four burglaries, investigators are continuing to look into the possibility that Russell might be involved in other similar incidents in the area, said Lawhead.

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