Two Fresno Residents Arrested in Cross-Country Drug Conspiracy

Two Fresno Residents Arrested in Cross-Country Drug Conspiracy

FRESNO – Eight individuals from California, Louisiana, Florida and Ohio are expected to appear in federal court in Fresno I the coming weeks to be charged with conspiring to distribute marijuana, according to U.S. Attorney Benjamin Wagner.

Two of the defendants – Brandon Thomas, 24, and Miguel Gonzalez, 31 – are from Fresno. From July 2012 through October 2014, Thomas and Gonzalez allegedly sent packages of marijuana and marijuana oil disguised as clothing to recipients in Florida.

The recipients allegedly then made cash deposits into bank accounts held by the defendants in amounts of $10,000 or less so that the transactions would go unnoticed. The defendants also physically transported the cash from Florida to California. A total of $7 million was funneled, officials said.

The other defendants charged in the scheme are: Chad Riffle, 22, and Bree Benson, 20, both of Citrus Springs, Florida; Aseel Al-Saber, 25, of Orange County, California; Peter Capodieci, 23, of Crystal River, Florida; Ashley Williams, 27, of Lake Charles, Louisiana; and Jeremy Murphy, 25, of Monroe, Ohio.

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