Lovebird Botches Illegal Entry Via Chimney

Lovebird Botches Illegal Entry Via Chimney

Ventura County – The hoary adage that “love is blind” may have to undergo slight editing in the case of Genoveva Nunez-Figueroa, a 30-year old woman and resident of Thousand Oaks, for whom the more appropriate adjective may be “reckless” or—if we’re passing judgment—“stupid”.

Clear evidence of that surfaced when, in the pre-dawn hours of October 19th, a 911 Emergency call was made by Thousand Oaks residents alerting authorities to the sounds of a woman loudly crying…somewhere. According to Ventura County Sheriffs Department Thousand Oaks Police Patrol Bureau spokesman Sgt. Joseph Galante, “deputies responded and located Nunez-Figueroa stuck inside the chimney of a residence” on Woodside Drive.

Picture of Nunez-Figueroa stuck in the chimney

Picture of Nunez-Figueroa stuck in the chimney

Undoubtedly considering the fact that Santa Claus was not due to arrive in the neighborhood for another two full months, deputies promptly summoned units of both the Ventura County Fire Department Urban Search and Rescue Team and American Medical Response paramedics. Over the following two hours, “the fireplace was carefully dismantled” and Nunez-Figueroa was eventually extracted with the help of copious amounts of liquid dish soap.

Slippery, traumatized, and on her way to becoming the subject of national news reporting and widespread social media commentary, Nunez-Figueroa was taken to Ventura County’s Los Robles Regional Medical Center for attention to her minor injuries.

Following her medical evaluation and questioning by detectives who came to believe that this was her second attempt to enter the residence in pursuit of a former boyfriend, Nunez-Figueroa was booked into Ventura County Jail on charges of illegal entry and giving false information to police with her bail set at $2500.

Photos: Courtesy Ventura County Jail Booking, Ventura County Fire Department

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