Suspect Arrested For Producing ‘Honey Oil’

Suspect Arrested For Producing ‘Honey Oil’

Search Warrant Produced High Sophisticated Lab

SANTA CRUZ—Agents with the Santa Cruz County Anti-Crime Team Narcotics Task Force arrested 34-year-old Justin Morley Pullman after a search of his home produced a highly sophisticated lab for producing ‘honey oil’ which had a street value of over $300,000.00.

On Thursday, October 9, someone called the Santa Cruz Police Department and left an anonymous tip that there was a suspected drug lab in a house on the 100 block of Fairland Way in Santa Cruz.

Justin Pullman booking photo

Justin Pullman booking photo

The Santa Cruz Police turned the information over the Santa Cruz County Anti-Crime Team’s Narcotics Task Force. Armed with the information, the Task Force paid a visit to the neighborhood and contacted a resident at the house, identified as Pullman.

After speaking with Pullman, agents were able to corroborate the information from the tip. They were granted a warrant to look for signs of clandestine butane honey oil, or BHO. The home is located within walking distance of De Laveaga Elementary School, Green Acres Elementary, and Harbor High School.

“BHO labs are very dangerous, Flammable gases are used in the process that extracts THC from Marijuana vegetation.” SCCACT Commander Mario Sulay said, “Should the gases come in contact with an ignition source, such as a pilot light, a dangerous explosion can occur.”

When agents served the search warrant they found a sophisticated high production lab. There was extraction equipment, 41 five-gallon tanks of butane, 96 pounds of marijuana vegetation and 5 pounds of processed concentrated cannabis, commonly known as ‘Honey Oil’.

“We estimate that the marijuana vegetation and buds found would yield an additional 30 pounds of Honey oil.” Commander Sulay said, “That would have yielded a street value of over $300,000.00 dollars.”

Based on what was found, agents with the SCCACT arrested Pullman and transported him to Santa Cruz County Jail. Pullman faces charges of manufacturing a controlled substance and possession of marijuana for sale.  His bail was set at 100,000.00 dollars.

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