Gang member attacks patrons at McDonalds

Gang member attacks patrons at McDonalds

Two victims had been eating at a McDonald’s restaurant in San Jose last year when 20-year-old Fernando Fernandez approached and robbed them. It was on March 20, 2013, Fernandez had robbed two individuals of personal property and cash. The act itself wasvery frightening – not only the fact that he had taken their personal property, but in how he had tried to manipulate his victims into thinking he was their friend and would compensate them for their loss if they came and found him the next day.

Fernandez had taken the victims cell phones. He told them that if they gave him $20.00 he would give their phones back and leave them alone. However when one of the victims took out his wallet, the suspect snatched it from him and took $60.00. Fernandez then took a picture of his ID, and told the victim he would “sock him up” if he did not return Friday to give him more money. The other victim also took out $20.00 and handed it to the suspect.

Fernandez was not satisfied, told them to bring more money or he may not “hurt or kill them”. Fernandez then took another picture of the victims “Just in case”, he said. Fearing for their lives they called police to report the robbery.

The manager of the McDonalds was able to show police officers video of the robbery. The victims were able to identify Fernandez through a photo lineup provided by the Sheriff’s department’s correctional data base. The court sentenced Fernandez for six months including time served.

After being released from jail, on March 22, 2014 Fernandez was caught driving on a suspended driver’s license and having marijuana in his possession. Fernandez was charged with violating his parole for the robberies under PC 211/212.5. Last Friday, October 10, after having changed addresses, he was re-arrested on the outstanding warrant. Fernandez is currently being held in the Santa Clara County Main Jail for the parole violation in which he had tested positive for marijuana, and had been driving with a suspended driver’s license. He is expected to be sentenced for the new charges, and has had his probation revoked under Case Number C1354510.

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