Robbery Suspect Shot by Police

Robbery Suspect Shot by Police

LA QUINTA – While pursuing an armed man fleeing from the scene of a robbery, a police officer shot and injured the suspect.

A man was robbed in La Quinta in front of his home on Saturday around 3:00 AM. The victim called in the crime to the police and officers arrived at his residence in the 52-500 block of Avenida Herrera. The victim reported to the officers that there were three suspects involved and warned them that the robbers were armed.

Officers began a search for the suspects involved. One of the officers spotted a man matching the description of one of the suspects. He was also holding a rifle. When the suspect was approached by the police, he fled and headed in the direction of another officer, who fired in his direction. This first shot missed the suspect. Deputy Armando Muñoz stated in a press release that an assault rifle was found where the shooting occurred.

Still fleeing, the suspect headed toward the 52-500 block of Avenida Velasco with police pursuing. According to Muñoz, at this time the suspect reached into his waistband and a second officer fired on him. Police report that the suspect was armed with a knife during this incident. The suspect was wounded with a non-life-threatening injury and was transported to the local hospital. No officers were injured.

Adrian Vivas,18 of La Quinta was identified as the suspect. Vivas will be charged with robbery, attempted burglary, and conspiracy. The involved officers have been placed on administrative leave per Department policy. The names of the officer’s involved in the shooting incident have not been released. Investigators from the La Quinta Police Department and the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department’s Central Homicide Unit are looking into the incident.

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