Juvenile Arrested for Attempted Murder of Dixon Police Officer

Juvenile Arrested for Attempted Murder of Dixon Police Officer

A juvenile 15 years of age was arrested for attempted homicide (PC 664-187) after exchanging gunfire with police officers near Dixon High School, according to a Dixon Police Department press release. The District Attorney’s office later announced that the teen will be tried as an adult, and released his name, Bret Baugher, according to News 10.

At about 9 am on Wednesday, October 8, several Dixon High students informed Principal Nick Grimonte that they had seen another student in Hall Memorial Park, adjacent to the high school, openly carrying a gun. Principal Grimonte called police, and within minutes officers responded to the park. Meanwhile, Dixon High was put on immediate, campus-wide lockdown.

Hall Memorial Park

Hall Memorial Park

Upon arrival in the park, officers discovered the boy with the gun. He shot at one of the police vehicles.

After the incident Dixon Police Chief Jon Cox said one of his officers, who has yet to be officially identified, is lucky to be alive. “When you look at that police car and see those bullet holes coming right through the back window at the driver’s seat, it is gut wrenching,” Chief Cox said. No officers were wounded during the gunfight.

In fear for his life, the officer who had just exited the police vehicle, returned fire. The boy fled the park’s baseball fields and ran north about 350 yards toward the public pool. Officers converged on him there and ordered him to surrender his weapon, which he did.

Baugher was medically checked at the scene before being transported to Solano County Juvenile Hall. He had sustained minor injuries, but it is unknown at this time whether they were gunshot wounds.

Dixon High was released from lockdown at about 9:40 am. District officials reported that everybody at the school was “safe and sound.” “Things are calm and collected here at the school,” announced district Superintendent Brian Dolan after the crime scene at the park was secured.

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