Credit Card Thief

Credit Card Thief

It sounds like somebody needs to come up with better security questions.

According to a police report, on August 17, a woman received a call from her credit card company because of a suspicious transaction. She was not familiar with the transaction and as a result, the woman contacted the Santa Clarita deputies. They began an investigation on the suspect connected to the purchase.

During the investigation, detectives learned that the suspect ordered a Fed-Ex delivery of a new credit card to be sent to the victim’s home in Santa Clarita. The suspect was able to get through the victim’s security questions to process the delivery request. The the suspect seemingly stole the delivered package off of the victim’s property to steal the new credit card. Later in the day, the suspect went out and purchased a very expensive Rolex watch, which was $23,000, with the stolen credit card in Bakersfield, CA. The suspect was asked to present her ID, which had the suspect’s picture and the victim’s personal information on it.

Surveillance photos were able to catch the suspect, while she was making the fraudulent purchase.

The suspect is still unknown, but is a woman with a supposedly Caucasian or Asian descent. Detectives are asking for help to identify the suspect.

Detectives believe that the suspect may have possibly been involved more related crimes to this one.

No further information is being released.

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