Update: SJPD 4th homicide suspect of 2014 to stand trial

Update:  SJPD 4th homicide suspect of 2014 to stand trial

The Defendants Anh Duc Tong and Ductrung Huynh Tong are expected to appear in Dept. 35 in the Superior Court of California under PC 187, Felony Murder, in which a knife was used to attack and kill Richard Huy Phan of San Jose. According to Press Information Officer Albert Morales, “The San Jose Police Department has arrested two suspects in the January 26, 2014 murder of Richard Phan that occurred on the 3400 block of Suncrest Avenue in San Jose”.

The 19-year-old twin brothers are facing charges related to the attack and murder of Richard Phan who was brutally stabbed while attending a birthday party.  Witnesses identified either Anh Tong or Ductrung Tong as being the person responsible for starting a fight with friends at a home while attending a birthday party. During the the argument Richard Phan tried to stop Anh and others from fighting. When he tried to intervene, Anh stabbed him.

San Jose Police arrested both twins for the murder, because witnesses at the party were not able to identify which twin had actually stabbed Phan. Morales said, “They look alike,” Morales said. “At 1:30 in the morning, people could mistake one for other”.

The next court hearing has been scheduled for July 8, 2014 at 1:30 PM in Dept. 35. Anh Tong has requested that he be given listening device, video, and audio equipment to have full access to evidence collected against him by investigators.

Even though Ductrung Tong did not act with Anh Tong in the attack, he has been charged under PC 32 for helping his brother evade capture following the attack.

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