Petty Theft Suspect Attacks Again

Petty Theft Suspect Attacks Again

41-year-old George Carrasco Jr. is facing 3 charges alleging PC 459-460(b) – second degree burglary, and PC 666 – Felony Petty Theft with three or more priors.   With nine prior convictions for committing the same offenses under similar circumstances, family members are asking the court to have a mental health evaluation done before considering sentencing. Carrasco is now facing three separate charges for stealing items from Macy’s department store.  Loss prevention employees and security footage showed Carrasco entering the store, placing items inside a re-usable bag and then running out of the store, setting the alarm off at the door. 

Three separate complaints have been filed under PC 666 Felony Petty Theft and PC 459-460 (b) Second Degree Burglary.  Carrasco targeted Macy’s located near Stevens Creek Blvd in San Jose on March 14 , ULTA located near Curtner Ave in San Jose on September 25, and Macy’s located Valley Fair Mall in Santa Clara on September 15.

When Carrasco was detained earlier last year at Macy’s on June 24, it was believed at the time that he was under the influence of meth. Loss prevention officers found items indicative of drug use and told the SJPD officer arriving at the scene of their find. SJPD officers took Carrasco to Regional Valley Medical Center where he underwent a chemical test for drugs. He was later charged with methamphetamine use under H & S Code 11377, and H & S Code 11550. 

When Carrasco has been confronted by loss prevention and security employees, he alarmingly throws the items back and them and continues to try and flee.  However, security employees have easily apprehended Carrasco to take him back to the store for officers to arrive and arrest him.   Officers said that when asked why he stole, Carrasco told them “It was a gift for his mother”.  When confronted about other items he had stolen, Carrasco said he sold them.

In the September 15, 2013 incident, Carrasco had sat at a table drawing a crystal chandelier in the table top section of Macy’s at Valley Fair Mall.  Loss prevention employees kept an eye on him after having to tell him to not loiter at the table display. Carrying two bags and a rolling luggage item, loss prevention watched as he rolled up clothing items and stuck them in his bag. When exiting the store and was confronted by Loss Prevention Employees, Carrasco swore at them, throwing the bags and them escaping from the store. 

A report and evidence was collected by the Santa Clara Police Department at the scene proving Carrasco’s involvement in the incident.  Carrasco’s next court date has been set for June 9, 2014 in Dept. 35 at 1:30 PM. 

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