Victim Knocked Out In Downtown Davis Brawl

Victim Knocked Out In Downtown Davis Brawl

Davis police took Alberto Martinez, 28, of Woodland into custody in the aftermath of a bloody street fight early Sunday, May 25 on a charge of battery with great bodily injury for knocking a man unconscious.

About 2 am, as nightclubs and bars along the 300 block of G Street were closing, the victim, a 24 year old Woodland man, and a friend were conversing with some women on the sidewalk. Martinez and some friends disapproved of this behavior and expressed their opinions violently, according to Davis P.D. spokesman Sergeant Dan Powell.

Soon more than a dozen men joined the melee. Most scattered and disappeared when police arrived, leaving the victim sprawled on the sidewalk. Martinez had struck him a terrific blow to the head. When the victim regained consciousness, he told police he had also broken his leg when he tripped over a curb while trying to help a friend get up.

Police called an ambulance and the victim was transported to Sutter Davis Hospital.

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