Explosive Device Discovered and Disarmed in Lake Hills

Explosive Device Discovered and Disarmed in Lake Hills

LAKE HILLS – After an undetonated explosive device was reported in the vicinity of a residence, Riverside County Sheriff’s Hazardous Device Team responded and rendered the explosives safe.

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department received a call on Wednesday, May 14, regarding a suspicious device at around 12:30 p.m. and responded to the scene. Near a residence on 16278 Bright Morning Ct, in the unincorporated area of Riverside County, known as Lake Hills, deputies inspected a device that included two wires protruding from a rock.

Deputies contacted the Sheriff’s Hazardous Device Team and the team responded to investigate. Once experts were able to examine the device, they concluded that the wires were actually connected to a live charge. It is likely that the device was placed there for demolition purposes when the homes in the vicinity were built. Blast operators had probably missed the undetonated device during clean up. The homes were built around 1990 and the device had probably been in place since this time.

Concerned about the high potential of there being live explosives attached to the wires, the Sheriff’s Department notified the neighboring homes and took protective measures to ensure that if there was an accidental detonation, no damage would occur. The team then went to work rendering the device safe.

On Friday night the bomb squad successfully defused the explosives without causing any damage to structures or injuries to personnel. All known hazards have been removed from the scene.

In a Press Release, the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department warned the public that when an object is located, which appears hazardous in nature, to leave the object where it was found and dial emergency services (Dial 911) from a non-cellular telephone line. The Sheriff’s Department also recommends refraining from using a cellular telephone or any other electronic device near and around any suspected explosive devices, when possible.

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