A Dutch Attendant in Hawthorne’s Drunk Tank

A Dutch Attendant in Hawthorne’s Drunk Tank

HAWTHORNE, CA—Who is to be trusted when a so-called safety attendant with a clearly Dutch name is charged with a drug-related driving under the influence charge?

Webbert Lee Dampeer, 33, was picked by Hawthorne police on Friday, April 4 at approximately 11:30 p.m. along the 3800 block of Imperial Highway in Hawthorne. The Los Angeles resident was apparently stopped for what became a Driving Under the Influence Charge as well as 23577 Vehicle Code (VC) violation 23577: “DUI – Refusal of chemical test   (Vehicle Code § 23577).”

According to related California state codes such as “Vehicle Code 23577 – Refusal Enhancement” and regarding charges for DUI “pursuant to the implied consent laws of Vehicle Code 23162, the following punishments apply: (1) No additional punishment when convicted for a 1st Offense DUI.”

Dampeer’s bail was set at $5,300. The DUI accounted for $5,000 and the refusal to be chemically tested to apparently corroborate the DUI charge was set at $300.

It is unknown if the Los Angeles resident will make a smokescreen as his defense.

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