Pennsylvania meth dealer goes nuts in Santa Rosa

Pennsylvania meth dealer goes nuts in Santa Rosa

A man who has been in plenty of trouble in his home in Limerick, Montgomery County Pennsylvania for being involved in a methamphetamine distribution ring apparently got high and went nuts on the freeway in Santa Rosa.

At about 8:20 this morning, Sonoma County Sheriff’s Detectives were traveling along the Old Redwood Highway just past the Mendocino Avenue onramp to the 101, when they noticed several cars stopped on the freeway. According to a Sheriff’s press release, they saw a man there who appeared to be trying to get into at least 3 cars among those that had stopped when they saw him walking on the freeway. Detective Sergeant Michael Raasch and Detective Ryan Russell immediately left their car, jumping the six foot fence to intervene. Meanwhile, Detective Sean Jones drove the car around to get onto the freeway.

The man they were after, 37-year-old Troy David Dudas, appeared to be “extremely high” on drugs, and they attempted to apprehend him. After a struggle, they managed to handcuff him. More police units arrived on the scene, and Dudas became more violent, frothing at the mouth and speaking gibberish. They placed him in the maximum restraints available, and summoned an ambulance. He was transported to a local hospital for evaluation prior to booking.

Cars line up at Starbucks on the right, the freeway where Dudas entered is on the left.

Cars line up at Starbucks on the right, the freeway where Dudas entered is on the left.

As the detectives pieced together the incident, they learned that he started near the Starbucks just adjacent to the west side of the Freeway, at Hopper and Cleveland. He had been walking through traffic, at one point jumping on the hood of a car, before climbing over the fence onto the freeway. It was then that he began stopping cars and trying to get in.

In 2012, Dudas had been arrested in Pennsylvania for his involvement with a huge meth trafficking ring. He had pleaded guilty to charges of possession with intent to deliver methamphetamine, dealing in unlawful proceeds , and conspiracy. He was said to be one of the main suppliers bringing meth from Philadelphia to Montgomery County, and was due to be sentenced to at least 5 to 7 years prison time. Reports from May 2013 said he was in jail, still waiting on his final sentencing. It is not clear at this time how he ended up in California, and whether he was released on bail pending sentence, or if he was out on probation.

The Sheriff’s office continues their investigation, and is seeking to contact three victims of his attempted carjacking. Anyone with information is encouraged to call Deputy Tom Howard at 707-565-2650.

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