Shoplifting suspect pleads guilty to grand theft

Shoplifting suspect pleads guilty to grand theft

SAN JOSE – On or about Nov 22, 2013 suspect 29-year-old Fissha Gebrekidan Gebretnsae was charged with the crime of second degree burglary – entering with the intent to commit theft under PC 459-460 (b), from an incident at the Macy’s Department store at 2801 Stevens Creek Blvd in the Valley Fair Mall. Gebretnsae was arrested under PC 487 Grand Theft with a $10,000 bail warrant after he was found carrying a reusable Macy’s bag filled with store merchandise without paying for the items.

Gebretnsae pled “Nolo Contendre” (no contest), reducing charges to misdemeanor violations under PC 594 (a) / (b) (2) (a), 148.9 and 496. Based on the charges Gebretnsae was sentenced on Jan 21, sending him for a straight term of 4-months county jail time, with release based on continued probationary terms, satisfying all requirements. Macy’s also requested that a stay away order be issued against Gebretnsae, requiring that he stay at least 100 yards from the building.

Gebretnsae is not welcome back at Macy's in San Jose

Gebretnsae is not welcome back at Macy’s in San Jose


The defendant at the time of his arrest at Macy’s had stolen $2,852.22 worth of merchandise. However, with the quick thinking of loss-prevention officers, several employees were able to stop Gebretnsae before he was able to leave the store with the more than 80 pieces of costume jewelry, wallets and leather goods ranging from $7.00 – $195.00 in retail value.

Once confronted by loss-prevention officers, Gebretnsae admitted that he had come to the store with the intention of shoplifting the items. They said he claimed “He was going to sell the items at the flea market”. The San Jose Police Dept. was notified of the theft and verified the identity of the suspect. The arresting officer asked Gebretnsae why he was arrested, but he refused to speak with the officer and was then booked into the Santa Clara Main Jail without incident.

Gebretsnae displays his diploma from Cal State.

Gebretsnae displays his diploma from Cal State. (Facebook)

Gebretnsae had a few earlier run-ins with the law as well. On November 1 he was arrested for petty theft at Starbucks in Campbell. Two weeks later, on November 14 he was cited for evading payment on a public transportation system at the VTA station at Race and Parkmore in San Jose. He was also charged than with giving false information to a peace officer. It was just a week later that his arrest at Macy’s occurred. He had given his occupation as dishwasher, and according to his Facebook profile, he recently graduated from San Jose State University.

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